Sustainability & Environment

As a leading player in the hotel industry, the commer­cial success of hospitality business is crucially dependent on the people and economic of present and emerging risks. In the process of evaluating risks we are faced today with growing complex­ity as a consequence of the increasing importance matter to various aspects of sustainability. In some instances these also have direct strategic and operational relevance to our hotel products and our services.

Our goal, therefore, is to achieve economic success on the basis of a profit-oriented business model while at the same time acting in accordance with the needs of our staff and the company and giving due consideration to protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources. Sustain­ able action is not something which is static; rather, it must take place dynamically and in accordance with changing environmental circumstances. In conformity with the Company Strategy, our sustainability considerations are hence also regularly revised every three years. Our refined Sustain­ ability Strategy 2017 – 2021 defines the four key action fields for Sustainability as well as specific goals and measures.

The goal is to maintain Sustainability’s good financial per­formance and enhance our appeal for sustainability­ minded investors, e.g. by expanding our service concepts. We provide information about our sustainability achievements through an active dialogue with our relevant stakeholders and through transparent reporting.

We shall continue to move forward in our efforts to develop hospitality solutions and support primary hoteliers in their product development work, e.g. in the field of check-in, check-out, and we shall be guided even more closely by sustain­ ability criteria when it comes to the management of our invest­ments. The existing intensive dialogue with customers is to be cultivated and in some areas stepped up.

Through our program of health and wellness management we enable our employees to maintain their performance capa­bility. Further training activities for our specialist and execu­tive staff are being extended to our locations. We also seek to promote diversity within the ROOHI Hospitality Group.

We are continuously introducing eco-friendly initiative which helps & protect environment from heat & gas caused by ROOHI’s business activities in order to close in on our target of excess heat & carbon neutrality for the ROOHI Hotel’s location. We continue to factor environmental and social standards into the selection and evaluation of our suppliers. Systematic realisation of the goals that we have set ourselves under our sustainability strategy establishes a foundation for our Group’s further stable economic development and is vital to the expansion of our position as one of the leading and most profitable globally operating hotel management company.

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