The Palazzo

Luxury & Grand 5 star hotels & resorts.
  • The Palazzo is the 5-star luxury brand of the Group with an exceptional and elegant collection of renowned properties featuring the finest accommodations accompanied by attentive, engaging, and exclusive personal service.
  • Our collection hotels should be located in vibrant city centers or destination escapes, provide guests with notable inspirations.
  • Finest & impeccable hospitality standard & exceptional dining, entertainment and spas showcase an elegant collection of the world’s most memorable experiences.
  • All properties are fully equipped with all that a demanding traveller can expect, luxurious facilities and amenities.
  • A Hotel with the highest quality, comfort and service through a personalised approach.
  • The Palazzo brand offers international luxury class hotel for the truly discerning business and leisure traveller.
  • The Palazzo brand redefine & reinvent the hotel experience and unfailingly exceeding guest expectations, a grandeur luxury for all travellers.

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