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ROOHI always has its strategy ready for you !

ROOHI team has experience of over 30 years working with destinations and hotels throughout India. We evaluate national & global opportunities to develop sales and marketing strategies, operation & asset management providing companies with solid solutions and opportunities nationwide.

  • The primary purpose of the firm is to provide the necessary top-level hospitality consulting services that genuinely help independent owners, operators, lenders, developers, management companies, and owners maximize the value of their investments.
  • The secondary purpose of the practice is to provide attorneys and insurers with industry focused expert witness and litigation support services, specifically as they relate to Operation, asset & financial management, branding and marketing issues.
  • Ultimately, ROOHI Consulting offers the best possible package of hospitality management, franchise, marketing & sales representation consulting services. We ensure that clients’ desired outcomes are met or exceeded.

ROOHI Consulting Services is for the ownership group that wants to have control over their hotel AND wants an expert to brainstorm any obstacles keeping them from achieving maximum profitability. With the many variables and details needed to make your hotel move forward correctly every day, it's critical to have another set of expert eyes reviewing and guiding your operational & sales efforts.

Whether it's for 1 hour a day, week or month, ROOHI can help your hotel maximise its optimal revenue potential. A ROOHI representative will LISTEN to your needs and provide you with a detailed strategy for getting your hotel on track at a price you can afford.

In other words, you choose ROOHI only if we can show you a better way to optimise your project!
You determine the services needed that work within your budget!

ROOHI will customise a package that fits your Budget! Tools for every department

  • Branding, Sales and Marketing.
  • Operations.
  • Accounting.
  • Human Resources.
  • Acquisition & Much More..

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Hotel brand names can be a big part of the marketing of any type of hospitality ventures and act as a catalyst in pricing strategy and help to achieve SALES & REVENUE GOALS. A brand helps provide an identity and a sense of consistency. The process continues with the creation of brand differentiation and culminates with the establishment of a clear brand communication platform that moves the consumer from understanding to purchasing.

Creation of a brand is something ROOHI can provide to investors and owners in phases:

  • Brand naming, position, differentiation, research
  • Brand architecture, creative, graphics & design (Print Media & Stationaries)
  • Brand launch plans and marketing strategies

Phase 1:

  • Review of competitive brand environment, current and future
  • Conclusion of the proposed brand’s competitive set
  • Proposed brand positioning
  • Audit of target customer profile, mindset, purchase patterns and demographics

Phase 2:

  • Brand Vision statement
  • Brand Mission statement
  • Brand pillars
  • Brand points of difference
  • Brand name, logo, promise, tag line and mantra

Phase 3:

  • Brand Design Guidelines/Technical Standards Manuals to ensure expansion
  • Development Road map location recommendations which will enable both pure hotel management contracts
  • Brand Manual preparation including Operations/HR/Finance/Sales/Marketing/PR /Revenue Management
  • Pre-opening processes
  • Brand job profiles
  • Brand training programs
  • Full Brand Identity Manual

Revenue Management:

ROOHI as a revenue management consulting company has in-depth experience with various tools, systems, applications and technology being offered in the market for the hospitality industry.
Our team of hotel consulting experts helps independent hotels to uncover their hidden revenue potential.
We help you outperform your competition and become a leader in your local market.

Our consultants specialize in:

  • Yield and Revenue Strategies
  • Online & Offline Distribution
  • Internet Marketing

The revenue management tool provides complete insight into consumer demand for any size hotel or hostel property. The solution is multi-property capable and can therefore also be used by hotel groups.
Key performance indicators with insight for owners, general managers, reservation & sales departments and other property stakeholders

  • Day by day demand, pick-up and revenue insight for any property
  • Pick-up information by market segment and sales or distribution channels
  • Group and FIT demand management tools
  • Event calendars
  • Past, current and future performance, compared to budgets.
  • Algorithms combine all data and provide forecasts and actionable yield information.
  • Easy-to-use information that hotels and hotels need on a daily basis to make smart revenue management decisions quick, easy and efficient

We recommend the best of breed next generation hotel systems and software for the hospitality industry.

Channel Management System - MANAGE ALL OTA'S VIA ONE SCREEN

  • Manage multiple OTAs simultaneously
  • Derive rate plans and levels
  • Intelligent allocation management
  • Distribution rooms via more sales channels.
  • Instant Update, Reduce Errors, Expand Visibility & Better results.


  • Robust rate and availability control features
  • Hurdle rates and rate tiers
  • Multiple stay controls
  • Distribution of real-time data to all GDSs and third-party sites
  • Certified data security standards
  • Image archive enables automatic file renaming, resizing, and hospitality distribution
  • Integrated extranet management tools and competitive rate reports
  • Groups Management Module enables hotels

Central Reservation System

  • Robust channel connectivity
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time, Web-based
  • Variety of booking engines
  • Multi-property functionality
  • Customizable CRS Admin
  • Chain-level features
  • Responsive UI Design
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Business Intelligence
  • Property Set-Up & Management

Interfaces - Global Distribution System (GDS) / Internet Booking Engine / Call Center / Online Travel Agencies

  • Global Distribution System
  • Connects to all GDS’s
  • Distribute via travel consortia Amex, BCD, CWT, etc
  • Thousands of leisure travel agents
  • Corporate implant travel buyers and agencies
  • 3rd Party websites, including Expedia, Travelocity,
  • Major external booking channels
  • Lanyon RFP Tool
  • Outsource call centre services
  • Website Booking Engine


  • Conversion-focused design
  • Merchandising and packaging features
  • Control over booking engine branding and styling
  • Responsive Design
  • IBE adjusts to any screen-size: - Desktop Computers / Tablets / Mobile phones
  • Live Chat / Persuasive Messaging
  • Call to Continue
  • Enriched Discount Code Field
  • Capture guest e-mails for future marketing opportunities
  • Increase Conversion
  • Greater flexibility and ease of booking for the guest
  • Enhanced Add-ons features.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile Phone and Tablet version
  • Facebook booking engine
  • Control over booking engine branding

Meta-Search Distribution

  • Price advertising on rate comparison websites
  • TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, etc.


Internet marketing is the core of your digital hotel marketing strategy to distribute your hotel online. It is a highly specialized task for which you need to attract qualified experts to bring you optimal results and ROI.

For its hotel management clients ROOHI makes a marketing plan and has pre-selected a range of best of breed technology offering the following solutions:

  • Global Distribution
  • Representation Services
  • Meta-Search Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing
  • Retargeting & Re-marketing
  • SMM - Social media marketing
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Hotel business development and pre-opening planning are highly complex. ROOHI is an innovative hotel marketing company which will guide you through this process to achieve an optimal result.

Our hotel pre-opening consulting experts specialize in:

  • Revenue Management
  • Sales Representation
  • Hotel Distribution
  • Hotel Internet Marketing
  • Hotel Management
  • Hotel Operations
  • Finance & Cost Control

In preparation for the opening of your new hotel, we develop and implement a hotel business action plan. We position your property to become a leader in its local, to guarantee you a solid ROI.
We help you develop your brand online!

ROOHI is an innovator in Hotel Advisory to drive & achieve revenue goals.
With our strategic hotel advisory services, we assist owners and investors to achieve a better ROI on their hospitality portfolio. We uncover the hidden financial potential of your hotel or resort.

Our team of hotel Advisors specializes in-

  • Revenue Management
  • Sales Representation
  • Hotel Distribution
  • Hotel Internet Marketing
  • Hotel Management
  • Hotel Pre-Opening Planning
  • Hotel Asset Management

Franchise I Lease I Management Contract

ROOHI provides hotel management outsourcing services for a new breed of hoteliers. Its challenging to stay up to date with the complexity of the market environment. New travel marketing websites are being launched continuously. You cannot afford to be left behind. There is no need to pay such incredibly high franchise & management fees to large hotel chains.

ROOHI is a unique hotel marketing & consulting company which offers to bring a business partner on board, affordably. Instead of putting a costly flag on your roof, they leverage the unique selling points of your hotel property. We believe in the strength of an independent hotel and offer you the infrastructure to outperform your competition and become a market leader. With our smart consultancy & options, you can rest assured that they have only one focus, driving your REVPAR.

Our business partner will take over the daily management of your hotel operations and strategies, and help you uncover the hidden revenue potential of your property.

It is imperative for investors deciding to include a hotel in their portfolio to know why they are doing so. ROOHI can help make experienced, educated assumptions about future market conditions and implement a plan to deal with those ever-changing conditions.

ROOHI is experienced in helping investors in identifying an opportunity, formulating a plan for it, and then proceeding to evaluate the possibly of acquiring the hotel.

  • Basic steps in the Acquisition Process (just to name a few)
  • Identifying potential Acquisition hotels
  • Due Diligence
  • Substantial cost saving using ROOHI feasibilities
  • Development of 1 – 5 years Pro Forma
  • Co-ordinate Appraisals and Market Studies
  • Determining possible changes in management/Franchise

Markets will change – That is a given. ROOHI wants the buyer to understand both property and market dynamics BEFORE purchasing the hotel. Due diligence is a Must. Once a property has passed the screening process, ROOHI can perform a preliminary property and market analysis to establish bid price.


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