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Revenue Optimisation Opportunity for Hospitality Industry



ROOHI! The soul! An essence of life where the purest and the most memorable instincts lie. ROOHI is created for the enhancement and growth of the wealth and revenues while walking hand in hand with the independent owners and operators by enhancing the operation quality, brand value & sales. "We live by relationships with support from asset & financial management, operation, consulting, marketing and sales"

We have been creating a great welcoming atmosphere and many positive experiences in Hospitality Industry marketing Upscale 5-star hotels since from 3 years in West India serving in the cities Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat and expanding to Delhi, Bangalore & Kolkatta with plethora of services to manage, market & represent luxury to economy hotels.

We have started with a team of having five decades of experience in the hospitality industry. In our experience, the hospitality industry has transformed a lot but our values have stayed the same. Our Values, Services in the Hospitality industry has gifted us the trust of top-end star hotels like Hard Rock, Madhubhan Resorts, Clarks Shiraz, The Royal Retreat, Visava Group, Zara’s, FountainHead, Chokhidhani Group, Radisson etc. and helped us to lay strong pillars in the industry.

If it is your same cup of tea, you might know how important the management, marketing & representation of a hotel in a High-end level is.
Once you decide to start a hotel, there are a lot of things that flow through your mind like Management & Franchise, Branding, Marketing & Sales Representation, Acquisition of Hotels & Expansion, Talent Acquisition and many others.

This is where we come, Support and ignite your ideas into execution and generate the best results for you.
That is why we are called as “ROOHI”
“ROOHI means, the purest form of energy or soul to support you, help you to achieve better !”
We support you in the same way at every step to your success because your success is our Achievement !

  • We are a group of result driven lodging specialists and experienced business developers.
  • Our team has an entrepreneurial spirit and a scientific approach to generating revenue for hotels.
  • Only decisions are based on data and statistics will lead to solid financial results.
  • With unrivalled and exceptional performance our innovative strategists turn hotels into true money generators.
  • Building strong long term relationships with our clients, we become your strategic partners in business.
  • We challenge the status quo in the market with our progressive and energetic culture. We believe that change leads the way to success.
  • Simply striving to be the best, we are the rebels of the international hotel industry.
  • ROOHI is for a new breed of hoteliers …

Leading the Hotel Management & Marketing Convergence Revolution by creating India’s largest network of Independent hotels and to be the most Prestigious Upscale & Elite Hotel Management, Hotel Marketing & Sales Representation Brand in the hospitality industry by providing the honest and dedicated services.

The word ROOHI represent as “Revenue Optimization Opportunity for Hospitality Industry”. Our mission is to enhance the value of luxury to economy hotels with customer loyalty by delighting the guests and enabling our team with core values of Integrity, Faith, Respect and Motivation. We strive to reflect all the above in how it does business and how it cares for its team which is the greatest asset to us. Creating opportunities and enhancing financial returns by optimising the revenues, profit and brand awareness through Management & Franchise, Marketing, Sales and Consulting Services.

Best Marketing, Sales and Consulting through strong brand presence.

Devoting to people, knowledge and technology to grow as a better hoteliers partner.

We are dynamic, passionate, dedicated, humble, focused, result-oriented team who believe in ethical practice for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Providing your guests with great experience takes work. ROOHI can deal well because that’s what ROOHI is best in, we work hard to find the best solutions that fit your needs and produce better results, Getting best results need to make our hands dirty but we are ready and not afraid to do it.

This is the very first question that arises in everyone’s mind when we are about to invest in something to get better ROI. Not only with ROOHI, or have you wanted to buy anything, you might always think the question word in mind. This is where you will get a clear understanding to support your decision whether it's going right or wrong.

When comes to ROOHI, We are Honest, Dedicated, Patient, Innovative, Hard Working and Smart Hospitality Management Experts started our services 3 years ago. Though we are three years old, we have a team who have not less than a decade of experience serving in the hospitality industry which turned into a successful Hospitality partner today.

ROOHI is unique, in the way of serving its clients, in the way of managing the things, in the way of working with a team, in the way of dealing with properties, in the way of acquiring the best results for your success and it defines why you can choose ROOHI with confidence.


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