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HOTELS / RESORTS / LAND ACQUISITION SERVICES – Selling, Buying or leasing, we make the best deal for you!!

Do you want to Lease a property to set up a Hotel? Do you have experience in the hospitality industry but don’t know how to acquire a right property to put on your dream project to live? Are you looking for the best deal and best prospects in a smart way? Yes, we have solutions for all your brainstorming on Hotel, Resort and Land Acquisition.

ROOHI is expert in dealing the properties at right value to the clients in the hospitality industry. Our Team of experts in Property Acquisition works in a pragmatic and fully aligned way basing on the interests of our clients. ROOHI works on the mandates for the investors and the owners of the hotels across the globe. We also support the group of hotels for the expansion strategies.

It is imperative for investors deciding to include a hotel in their portfolio to know why they are doing so. ROOHI Hospitality can help make experienced, educated assumptions about future market conditions and implement a plan to deal with those ever-changing conditions. ROOHI team combining has over 25 years' experience in helping investors in identifying an opportunity, formulating a plan for it, and then proceeding to evaluate the possibly of acquiring the hotel.

Basic steps in the Acquisition Process (just to name a few)

  • Identifying potential Acquisition hotels
  • Due Diligence
  • Substantial cost saving using ROOHI Feasibility studies
  • Development of 1 – 5 year Pro Forma
  • Co-ordinate Appraisals and Market Studies
  • Determining possible changes in management/Franchise

ROOHI realises that a hotel is both a business and real estate investment and therefore needs to be scrutinised by those familiar with the hotel industry.

Markets will change – That is a given.

ROOHI wants the buyer to understand both property and market dynamics BEFORE purchasing the hotel. Once a property has passed our rigorous screening process, ROOHI can perform a preliminary property and market analysis to establish an initial bid price.

Due diligence of the targeted hotel is a must that is often overlooked by investors thinking they “know the business”.
Once a property has passed the screening process, ROOHI can perform a preliminary property and market analysis to establish bid price.

ROOHI has vast experience in handling financial, marketing, engineering and environmental audits, just to name a few, that are needed to ensure you make a sound educated decision before purchasing a hotel.
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