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Hotel Management Specialist

ROOHI is the top performing International Hotel Management, Franchise and Development Company where we customise our services to meet your needs and to project yourself into this competitive market today. We at ROOHI, has a great track record of working with top notch 5-star rated hotels in terms of management. We have definitive expertise in dealing with the top hotel brands and other ownership groups coast to coast. Our Hotel Management & Franchise team has 15-20 decades of expertise in Five-star Hotel Management services which helped us to bring success to our clients with International experience.

Our primary mission or objective of our Hotel Management & Franchise services is to exceed the expectations of our clients, partners, and our employees. We relentlessly focus to generate top line revenue, bottom line profits in order to create exceptionally satisfied guests capitalizing our success in superior Hospitality management today.


ROOHI uncovers the hidden revenue opportunities and the markets where the turnaround for the hotels present. We locked up potential that a dedicated team can unlock for you. We make Hotel impossible turns to us to find Hotel turn-around opportunities with our skill and expertise in the hospitality industry.

What you can expect in our HOTEL MANAGEMENT & FRANCHISE service?

  • We Re-ignite the underperforming hotels in challenged markets
  • We manage all your services on your behalf with our expertise to make it reach 5-star level.
  • We restore the charm and quality of your services to the next level.
  • We generate good branding and profits with our Management.
  • We streamline everything that brings you towards success

ROOHI Stäärbridge 7 brands meet all the needs of business and leisure travelers seeking comfort, attention, and high quality services,

  • Seven Seas Luxury & Glamorous Five Star Luxury Hotels and Resorts.
  • StarGates - Four Star City Hotels & Resorts.
  • StarLight’s –Four Star Beaches or Mountains Hotels & Resorts.
  • Nova Boutique – Four-Five Star Luxury Private Boutiques Hotels & Resorts.
  • Fairyland “Green Concept” Four to Five star Hotels & Resorts.
  • Sunny Lion – Premier Budget Beaches or Mountains Hotels & Resorts.
  • Sky House – Premier Budget city Hotels.

Hotel Operator & Management Outsourcing
Looking for that hotel operator outsourcing company which can give your hotel that competitive edge? ROOHI is a game changer in the international hotel and hospitality industry. We have a strong business development DNA, and aim to challenge the status quo, increasing financial performance for independent hotels.

Our team of hotel experts will incorporate itself into your company structure and take on the responsibilities of managing the strategies and operations of your hotel or resort. Forget about the traditional hotel industry approach, and turn your hotel into a winning success story. ROOHI is a specialist company in the field of revenue and yield management for hotels and lodging properties, and with our proven methodology and creative best practices we turn around the financial performance of any hotel.

We are firm believers you can drive a more healthy return on investment with a unique product and amazing guest experience, over the conventional hotel franchise chain branding route. Keeping up with the latest developments and solutions in hotel distribution and online travel marketing can be challenging, with the landscape changing so quickly. Our hotel strategy specialists are here to change your hotel into a market leader. We will assist you in setting the right priorities and focus on action steps that generate an effective ROI with your hotel real estate asset. With our hotel operator services we help you turn the tide in your hotel and drive up your financial results.

Hotel Marketing and Sales Representation Outsourcing
ROOHI s a driving force in hotel sales representation, marketing and promotion for independent hotels. We offer our client hotels:

  • 1. National & International Presence
  • 2. Strong Online and Offline Reach

Through our network of sales representatives across India we can assist you in driving more business to your hotel. Whether you need to attract corporate travel, be included in the multi-nationals preferred hotel programs or be included in the principal tour operator brochures, ROOHI can support your hotel with sales representation.

With our local representative presence in the Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat, Delhi and across India, we have access to thousands of corporate, travel agents, tour operators, incentive houses, meeting and conference planners, events & exhibitions organiser, wedding planner and – not least - the headquarters operations of many international companies and national organisations. We will basically function as a local extension of your sales and marketing team, at a fraction of the cost of full company presence.

We will conduct personal sales visits to travel agencies, business travel management companies or the professional conference organiser & event & exhibition partners on a regular and consistent basis, to build long term relationships. Industry sectors are not limited to hi-tech, software, manufacturing, fashion, banking, pharmaceutical, financial or communications. We have the aim to place your hotel on the Preferred Listings for all such sectors’ corporate programs.

Other related services that we offer to our clients are:

Let us help you drive more business to your hotel and uncover the hidden revenue potential!

Internet marketing is the core of your hotel marketing strategy to distribute your hotel online. It is a highly specialised task for which you need to attract qualified experts to bring you the best results and ROI out of your hotel website.

ROOHI is an innovative hotel marketing & sales representation company, a cutting edge consulting firm specialised in digital promotion for the hotel and hospitality industry. We have pre-selected a range of best of breed technology, tools and solutions offering the following digital marketing services:

  • Hotel Website Design
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing
  • Meta-Search Marketing
  • Retargeting & Remarketing
  • Reputation Management
  • SMM - Social Media Marketing
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • Representation Services
  • Global Distribution

As a leading hotel marketing group we offer independent hotel companies innovative and creative online marketing strategies.The hotel management and marketing consultants of our company will put together a global hotel sales and marketing plan for you. ROOHI as a revenue management consulting company has in-depth experience with various tools, systems, applications and technology being offered in the market for the hospitality industry. We have tested and used many software, and selected the best of breed technology for our hotels to work with.

ROOHI Hospitality understands that the long term success of a hotel relies heavily on a well-trained, motivated Director of Sales. ROOHI monitors, councils and works with the DOS to ensure consistent positive results in increasing top-line revenue. Having the “correct business model” is the key foundation to a successful, well run property. In many cases "the missing link" is an educated sales team that fails to perform the correct sales techniques on an accountable reporting system that consistently passes reviews and inspections. ROOHI believes in putting out the fires before they happen.

ROOHI delivers a fully organised sales and marketing structure with the necessary tools that can be implemented in a few short weeks and yield immediate results.The sales team at ROOHI Hospitality is led by experienced hotel sales professionals with extensive knowledge of marketing, E-Commerce, local and national sales programs.

Sales & Marketing Objectives:

  • Weekly conference calls with GM and Sales team
  • Identifying and Targeting Top Accounts
  • Setting reachable Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Top Line goals.
  • Detailed six month workable Marketing plan
  • Customised and secure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Database
  • Tracking -Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Sales Pipeline
  • Mystery Shopper calls to Front Desk and Sales department

ROOHI performs detailed audits to ensure your sales department SELLS Correctly!
Call ROOHI today to maximise your sales efforts.

Hotel Business Development & Pre-Opening Services
Are you working on an innovative hotel concept, but need help to roll it out? ROOHI specializes in the opening of hotels, developing and fine-tuning new concepts. If you want your hotel project to be a smashing success, we can take care of this

We are firm believers of the power of an independent hotel with a unique product and amazing guest experience, over the conventional hotel franchise chain branding route. With a marketplace driven by online reputation and guest reviews, a hotel with an individual character and unique customer experience can be leveraged to gain global reach and exposure. Keeping up with the latest developments and innovative solutions in hotel distribution and online travel marketing can be challenging, with the landscape changing so quickly. Our national & international hospitality strategy specialists are here to make turn your hotel project into a great success.

Focusing on the unique selling points of your property, our hotel management experts will develop a customised and creative strategic hotel opening plan. Our proven and creative methodology of positioning new hotels and innovating concepts has brought our clients solid results with a very positive return on their real estate investment. With our best practices and hands on approach we will turn your property to become a market leader and uncover its hidden revenue potential, driving both top line revenue and bottom line profit.

Over the last 2 years we have built up a proven track record with opening and positioning hotels. We will help you develop your brand online and position your concept for success. In preparation of the opening of your new hotel we develop and implement a hotel business action plan. With our services we will position your property to become a leader in its local, to guarantee you a solid ROI. And don't think for a moment this cannot be applied in your hotel property. We manage a diverse national & international portfolio of top performing hotel companies, ranging from independent boutique hotels, luxury hotels, resorts, innovative hotel concepts, palaces, wellness resorts and even small country side hotels, modern budget hotels and service apartments.

ROOHI is an innovative hotel management group, for a new breed of hoteliers.
Start planning your hotel project marketing and distribution strategies in time to guarantee the best results!
Bring in the experts!

Phase 1

  • Site/Zoning application and approval process
  • Coordinate input with architect, engineer, etc.
  • Co-ordinate General Contractor & FF&E Procurement
  • Oversee Bids & Change Orders - Room Mix Allocation
  • Develop pre-opening sales & marketing plans & operational budgets

Phase 2

  • Develop Vendor list and setup Credit and Direct Bills
  • Develop pre-opening budgets with ownership
  • Interview and select advertising market channels

Phase 3

  • Hiring of Key Management positions
  • Startup of local Sales effort
  • Finalise hiring of staff - Training of all departments
  • Coordinate the procurement of guest supplies
  • PMS & POS System set up for optimum performance
  • Perform pre-opening inspections and punch list for hotel

ROOHI Hospitality offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that all objectives in opening your hotel are above & beyond your expectations.

Hotel Revenue Management
ROOHI is a national & global leader in hotel revenue management, and with our remote revenue management consulting services we help independent hotels increase their financial performance. Our hotel yield and revenue outsourcing specialists implement ROOHI’ innovative and proven methodology to grow the RevPar and GopPar results of your hotel.

Our national & international revenue management outsourcing consultants have an extensive experience in both the hospitality travel & tourism industry, and leave no stone unturned to uncover the hidden revenue potential of your hotel, to increase your bottom line profit. We have a strong business development DNA, and aim to challenge the status quo.

ROOHI’ RM and yield experts will be incorporated in your hotel management structure and operate as a part of your team taking on the responsibilities and duties of revenue management and business development. Working besides your executive management, we will be implementing best practices, proven techniques and the latest travel distribution developments. We will help you outperform your competition and become a leader in your local market.

We would be covering the areas and actions highlighted below when taking over a hotel, either as a turn around project or new opening;
Our Revenue Management Mission

  • Adopt a healthy market segmentation for the hotel
  • Assist with budgeting and develop a forecasting model adapted to the market segments
  • Increase revenue by stimulating demand and use existing demand for the destination
  • Push forward the hotel on potential distribution channels to enlarge the demand
  • Optimise direct sales and distribution via website and phone
  • Structure the pricing management
  • Set strategic pricing in terms of public and negotiated rates
  • Handle all Revenue management tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

Competitor Evaluation
ROOHI will study the main competitors of the hotel to assess their price positioning in relation to their products offering. ROOHI will build a report comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the main competitors and the hotel. The report will aim at building the Price – Value relationship that the hotel can provide in front of its main competitors.

Price Benchmarking
ROOHI will benchmark and compare the pricing strategies of the main competitors and the hotel. The study will look at the public prices but will also try to pinpoint negotiated rates such as corporate rates. The study will look at a year period: day by day pricing by length of stay. The benchmarking will show how the hotel is priced competitively and create or revise the pricing grid.

Distribution Benchmarking
ROOHI will evaluate the distribution of the main competitors: GDS, IDSs and off line through mystery calls. The study will look at promotion management, length of stay pricing per channels. The study will also look at the distribution management of the hotel, inventory availability management, rates availability management in periods of low to high demand. The benchmark study will look at the competitive strengths and weaknesses of the hotel and present an action plan, with a primary focus to contract the right new distribution channels.

Pricing Grid
Upon the benchmarking studies, ROOHI will review the existing pricing grid or build a new one and recommend pricing strategies to stimulate the demand. Both public prices and negotiated rates with multiple length of stay will be assessed and recommended. Pricing will be recommended per period of demand: low to high periods. Negotiated corporate rates will be reviewed in relation to the production and corporate accounts. The sales team input will be needed.

Demand Calendar
ROOHI will review the demand calendar, or create one, and analyze strength of demand day by day per period (with or without events), in view of day by day rate strategies.

Forecasting Model
ROOHI will build market segmentation for the hotel and create a forecasting model to ensure that existing demand for each individual segment will be targeted most effectively in terms of marketing, sales and pricing strategies.

Rate Strategy Sheet
ROOHI will develop monthly rate strategy sheets with the following objectives:

  • Day by day pricing strategy for one year will be shown (price value per length of stays day by day will be recommended)
  • Pricing strategy per channels of distribution
  • Yield strategies with L.O.S. restrictions on peak periods

Rate Loading
ROOHI will also review or build the rate loading and the rate management through all electronic distribution channels to ensure that all prices including corporate rates are correctly shown and bookable. Two meetings are planned before the start of implementation:

  • Meeting at the start of the project with first phase of assessment and meeting with the team
  • Final presentation meeting with the pricing strategies and tools

Online Distribution Strategy
ROOHI will develop the implementation of the suggested action plan. As the main challenges based on current occupancies seem distribution and pricing oriented ROOHI will focus on getting the required results. This includes contracting online and offline distribution channels.

And don't think for a moment this cannot be applied in your hotel property. With our revenue manager for hire team we manage a diverse international portfolio of top performing hotel companies, ranging from independent boutique hotels, luxury design hotels, palaces, heritage properties, Forts & Havelis, Beach resorts, Mountain & Hills resorts, budget hotels & motels and service apartments.

We can support you with your hotel project from the earliest stages. We excel in development of new hotel concepts, and original ideas, including branding and positioning. If you are looking to become the new hot thing in the hospitality industry, we are all game.

Hotel Asset Management Company
ROOHI is a game changing company in hotel asset management. Over the last few years, the hospitality industry has seen a shift of focus from cost control, only optimising bottom line profit, to driving top line income through revenue management. And the ROOHI Hospitality Group is a national & global leader and expert in this field.

ROOHI is a specialist company in the field of revenue and yield management for hotels and lodging properties. With our proven methodology and in-house developed best practices we drive the overall financial results of hotel assets, optimising the return on investment on your hospitality real estate investment. We aim to challenge the status quo in your local market, and turn your hotel property or project into a market leader. Too many hotels are stuck in traditional ways of operations, we will lift your hotel asset to another level, uncovering the hidden revenue potential.

We are firm believers in the power of an independent hotel with a unique product and amazing guest experience, over the conventional hotel franchise chain branding route. Keeping up with the latest developments and innovative solutions in hotel distribution and online travel marketing can be challenging, with the landscape changing so quickly. But our hotel strategy specialists are here to make turn your hotel around and increase your ROI.

Focusing on the unique selling points of your property, our hotel management experts will develop a customised and creative strategic hotel advice plan, to increase the revenue generation power of your hotel or resort. And with our business development DNA and creative approach, we we will increase both top line revenue income as well as bottom line profit. We will push all performance levels of your hotel; REVPar, GOPPar, NOI, NOP, EBITDA, …

Hospitality Asset Management broken down:
We differentiate 2 phases within Hotel Asset Management:

  • Pre-Opening
  • Post-Opening

Pre-Opening Phase:

  • Recruitment and qualification of hotel manager.
  • Vender selection and negotiation.
  • Development of SOP and SOO protocols.
  • Recruitment and Training of the hotel staff.
  • Development of Financial reporting structure.

Post-Opening Phase:

  • Coaching and steering of hotel manager in operations.
  • Monitoring of on-site team performance and service standard quality assurance.
  • Identifying opportunities to maximise cash flow while maintaining or improving the market position.
  • Seek to improve the physical attributes of the hotel.
  • Monitor maintenance of the asset to ensure it remains in tip-top shape.

The following elements are part of our Hotel Asset Management Services:

  • Concise reporting
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Operations performance reviews
  • Review of staff capability, qualifications, and performance
  • Hotel management supervision and coaching
  • Quality control & property inspections
  • Training planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Sales & Marketing plan monitoring and advisory
  • Revenue management and distribution support
  • Expense monitoring and cost control
  • Facilities recommendations
  • Capital Expenditure planning and monitoring
  • Operations budgeting


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